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Rate Your Agent

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions...

Have you been unable to get paid because your agent has been late filling a certificate of insurance?

Have you ever taken the time to educate your agent about certain parts of your business that he (she) should know about before you can get advice?

Do you get your policies through the mail and try to sort them out yourself, turning into a disorganized mess on your hands?

When you have a claim, do you feel like you are suddenly at the mercy of some arrogant claims adjuster and do not get the help that you need from your agent?

When your agent recommends a new coverage, do you wonder if you are part of a sales contest to Jamaica?

When it comes to audits, classifications and experience modifiers, do you feel that your agent does not know how to help you?

Do you have to use more than one agent for all of your coverage and protection needs(ie: independent loss control, management claims reports)?

...maybe its time you contact us.